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About Notre Dame des Victoires

With a colorful history that spans eight decades, Notre Dame des Victoires School (NDV) is one of San Francisco's most beloved institutions. A Catholic elementary school, NDV provides a value-based education, welcoming students and families of all faiths, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Its active alumni, many of whom have become prominent business and civic leaders, continues to maintain close ties with their alma mater, testifying to both NDV's enduring benefits and its vitality as a community.

Providing a rigorous academic program and nurturing environment, NDV has maintained its status as one of the most desirable elementary schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its dedicated faculty and its spirited school community draws students from every San Francisco neighborhood, as well as from the three outlying counties. NDV cultivates in its students a compassionate would view, a personal sense of purpose, and a joy of learning. It remains true to its mission to support the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each of its students as he/she prepares to matriculate to the top local high schools and most competitive universities throughout the country.

Nestled in San Francisco's robust French Quarter, near the portals of Chinatown, and minutes from Union Square and Nob Hill, NDV offers its students an ideal location for cultural and historical enrichment. Its proximity and easy access to nearby museums, theaters, and landmark attractions provide a unique educational advantage, which is fully utilized by all classes.

NDV enjoys the singular status of being the only school in the San Francisco Archdiocese to offer daily instruction in the French language. Remaining true to its French-Catholic heritage, NDV also recognizes the value of instilling in its students an appreciation of other cultures, as well as the acquisition of a second language. It is our belief that few skills will better prepare them to be active contributors to the global world that awaits them. In addition to the study of French language and culture, NDV students enjoy ongoing interaction with the local French community and French parishioners.




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